Your Essential Copilot for Canon and Lore

Your Ultimate Repository for Lore

No more wrestling with general-purpose tools to create your world. Nucanon is designed for game lore from the ground up.

Easily navigate complex storylines

Our intuitive node-based interface makes managing multiple story branches not just easy, but a joy to explore

Intuitive, AI-Powered Search

Our cutting-edge, AI-powered search function allows you to use natural language to quickly find the lore you need.

Check Canon Consistency

Powerful natural language tools help you check for inconsistencies in your lore.

Advanced localization tools

Make your game universally accessible. Translate it into a multitude of supported languages effortlessly

Collaborate seemlessly across teams.

Nucanon enables seamless team collaboration in world building and lore creation, making the process easy and efficient.

Your worldbuilding cookbook

Thousands of insights from leading game developers, narrative designers, and writers, all in one place

Spruce up your lore with images

Powered by SDXL, Nucanon makes it easy to generate images and illustrations for your lore.

Let your Stories speak

Powered by Advanced TTS, Nucanon makes it easy to spruce your storylines with voiceovers before sending them to your voice actors

Love your world

Nucanon makes it easy to keep track of your characters, locations, and more. We guarantee you'll love your world

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